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TSM Steel are stockists and suppliers of high-quality carbon and alloy engineering steels.

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Supplying the UK Engineering Sector

TSM Steel provides a diverse range of commercial-grade engineering steels suitable for various applications, ranging from fasteners to structural work.

Our products are versatile and suitable for various commercial applications. Click below to view the stock ranges offered by TSM Steel.

Engineering Steels

We offer a comprehensive stock range

Our products are available in various grades and forms, including round, square, flat and hexagon, to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We also offer bespoke solutions tailored explicitly to your unique requirements.

Whether you are looking for a reliable supply partner for carbon and alloy steel or wish to seek expert advice on material selection, our website is the perfect place to start. The scale and diversity of our stock range offer you a level of stock certainty which is unrivalled in this sector. Below is a list of our carbon and alloy steel stock; you can click on the grade to discover more.

If you need assistance choosing a suitable steel for your specific engineering needs, don't hesitate to call us. Our technical sales team is always available to provide advice and guidance.

Carbon Steels

Product Stocked shapes Finishes offered Datasheet
070M20 Round, SquareBright, Black, Turned
080A15 Round, Square, FlatBright, Black, Turned, Forged
080M15 Round, Square, FlatBright, Black
150M19 Round, SquareBlack
230M07 Round, Square, HexagonBright, Free Cutting
A105 LF2 Round, SquareBlack

Product Stocked shapes Finishes offered Datasheet
070M55 Round, Square, FlatBright, Black
080A42 Round, SquareBright, Black
080M40 Round, SquareBright, Black, Turned
080M46 Round, SquareBright, Black
080M50 Round, SquareBright, Black
212A42 Round, SquareBright

Product Stocked shapes Finishes offered Datasheet
S235 Round, Square, FlatBlack
S355J2 Round, SquareBlack
S355JR Round, SquareBlack

Alloy Steels

Product Stocked shapes Finishes offered Datasheet
42CrMo4 Round, SquareBright, Black
605M36 RoundBright, Black
655M13 RoundBlack
708A42 RoundBlack
708M40 Round, SquareBright, Black
709M40 Round, SquareBright, Black
722M24 RoundBlack
817M40 Round, Square, FlatBright, Black
826M40 Round, SquareBlack
AISI 4130 RoundBlack
AISI 4140 Round, SquareBlack
ASTM A193 B7 / ASTM A320 L7 Round, SquareBlack

Product Stocked shapes Finishes offered Datasheet
27MnCrB5 Round, SquareBlack
605M36T RoundBright, Black
709M40T RoundBright, Black
817M40T RoundBright, Black

Product Stocked shapes Finishes offered Datasheet
BO1 RoundPeeled
D2 RoundPeeled
P20 RoundPeeled