Medium Carbon Steels

TSM Steel stocks medium carbon steel in a range of grades, forms and sizes to suit your commercial engineering requirements.

Our stock range serves as an excellent compromise between low-carbon and alloy steels. Low-carbon steels are ductile with less strength, while alloy steels offer even greater strength with reduced ductility. Medium-carbon steel performance is positioned in the middle, providing both performance benefits but not to extremes.

Our product range offers improved durability and toughness thanks to increased carbon content (between 0.30 to 0.60%). The automotive market utilises medium-carbon steel to produce precision components, axles and gears. Heat treating the material improves the mechanical properties of our products even further.

  • Improved strength
  • Greater durability & toughness
  • Offers some ductility
  • Heat-treatable

Medium Carbon Steels

We stock medium-carbon steels in many grades, shapes and sizes (including metric and imperial). We also provide in-house processing services where we cut your materials to specific dimensions provided by you. To discover more about our product range, please click on one of the images below to view full product details, which include technical datasheets.


Medium-carbon steels are a great comparison where strength and durability is required along with some malleability.

Use in Automotive

The automotive sector extensively uses medium-carbon steels to produce precision components, including gears and axles.

Increased Carbon

Carbon content in our stock range varies from 0.30% to 0.60%, which gives the material better strength and wear resistance.