Steel Types

We offer various carbon and alloy steel types, from free-cutting grades to case and through-hardened.

Black Round Bars

Bright Steel Bars

Our bright steel bars provide an attractive, shiny finish which is tough, durable and highly versatile.

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Bright Round Bars

Black Steel Bars

We stock black steel bars, ideal for engineering businesses looking for a cost-effective, versatile material.

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Case Hardened Steel

Case Hardened

Our case-hardened steel has a hardened exterior with a softer inner core and provides high wear resistance.

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Free Cutting Steel

Free Cutting

Free cutting steels are ideal for feeding through automatic lathes to make smaller, precise components.

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Heat Treated Steel

Heat Treated

Heat treatments improve performance by altering the mechanical and physical properties of the material.

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Nitriding Steel


Nitriding is a case-hardening heat-treatment process to promote improved wear and abrasion resistance.

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Through Hardening

Through hardening steel differs from nitriding or case hardening examples because the material benefits from uniformed hardening rather than just to the outer surface layer.

The process results in a tougher, harder and more durable engineering steel. However, as the material is hardened throughout the cross-section, and finds suitability in applications requiring heavy loads.

You can find out more about through-hardening steel by clicking here.


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