Steel Processing

Our in-house steel processing services ensure you receive material to your individual size requirements.

In reality, most material stockholders in the UK offer in-house processing services.

TSM Steel is different due to the scope of our material stock portfolio and the incremental sizes we hold. We only stock engineering steels, offering you a particular focus. Our objective is to provide a highly efficient and competitive service where we supply carbon and alloy steels to our customers in the most efficient way.

In-house processing adds considerable value to our services resulting in material delivered to our customer's dimensional expectations. We also hold materials in standard and pre-cut lengths.

Our processing operations cut material to tight tolerances, which ensures you receive your steel products ready to use. TSM Steel is a one-stop shop for all your engineering steel requirements.

Steel Processing

Stocked Sizes

We stock materials in imperial and metric sizes, which matters because it results in raw materials much closer to your size requirements.

Machining down bars represents a cost to your business, and minimising this creates a positive impact. In many cases, we stock material sizes which negate the need to machine down.

Meeting Needs

At TSM Steel, we recognise that it's essential that our stock portfolio and size range meets the needs of our customers. There is little point in stocking a particular material grade if the customer has to spend much time and effort machining the material before they can use it. Thankfully, we stock material to meet the demands of UK engineering.


Our in-house steel processing services allow us to cut round bars, square bars, hexagonal bars and flat bars, before shipping.


We are a division of Smiths Metal Centres Limited and as a Group, we process more than 2 million billets every single year.


We stock an extensive range of carbon and alloy steels in various grades and sizes. The diversity of our stock range ensures we have the right product for you.

We process your steel products using in-house processing

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