Steel Markets

From mining to manufacturing, the market applications for engineering steels are limitless.

Automotive Sector


We support the automotive sector with various steel products, including medium-carbon steel, used to make auto components.

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Aerospace Sector


Steels find use in the aerospace sector for structural applications and include low-carbon, medium-carbon and alloy steels.

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Steel Forgings


The forging steel market includes applications such as tools, fasteners and automotive parts such as axles.

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General Engineering Sector

General Engineering

The general engineering market heavily relies on steel as a core product, and we meet these demands.

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Oil & Gas Sector

Oil & Gas

The oil & gas sector extensively uses steel products for structural applications and component manufacture.

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Precision Engineering Sector

Precision Engineering

The precision engineering sector requires steel products with good dimensional stability - we stock such products.

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Supporting Industry

We hold stock of low-carbon, medium-carbon and alloy steels, selected to support numerous markets - from general and precision engineering to aerospace and oil & gas.

Unrivalled Services

We offer world-class stockholding services, combining our extensive stock range with processing services and an industry-leading bespoke IT platform. Such services allow us to provide an unrivalled supply route for customers looking for engineering steels. We perform all these tasks under one roof, making us a one-stop shop for all your engineering steel requirements.


Unlike many stockholders, we focus specifically on supplying steel and steel alone. Not only does this give us greater focus but continuity too. Our experienced sales team excel in the supply of engineering steels, and when you contact us, we hope you have high expectations because we fully intend to meet those expectations.

Irrespective of the market application, we have engineering steels to suit you.


Broad variety of grades and shapes


In-house processing operations available

Size Selection

Availability in metric and imperial sizes