Low Carbon Steels

We stock an extensive range of low-carbon steels, which are highly versatile and suitable for various commercial engineering applications.

The ratio of carbon to iron in the material is much lower (less than 0.30%), and the product is much cheaper to produce than medium-carbon and alloy steels. Often referred to as 'mild steel', low-carbon steel benefits from improved ductility and malleability and therefore finds suitability in applications where precision machining is essential since the product is easy to cut, machine and weld.

Such pliability makes the materials better suited to specific applications. However, these characteristics may exclude product use in other areas since medium carbon and alloy steels offer more strength and durability.

  • Low carbon content (less than 0.30%)
  • Superior ductility and malleability
  • Ideal for more precise machining and is simple to weld and cut
  • Less susceptible to corrosion compared to other steel types

Low Carbon Steels

We stock low-carbon steels in various grades and forms, including bright and black round bars. To discover more about our product range, please click on one of the images below to view full product details, which include technical datasheets.


Low-carbon steels represent a popular choice for precise machining operations due to the material's ductility.

Corrosion Resistance

Low-carbon steels have better corrosion resistance when compared to medium-carbon and alloy steel products.

Reduced Carbon

Low-carbon steel includes only a tiny amount of carbon (less than 0.30%), making it more pliable and easier to cut and weld.