080A15 Steel (EN3B, EN32B)

080A15 is a low-carbon, unalloyed engineering steel. This bright mild steel finds use in various engineering and welding applications.

Also referred to as EN3B or EN32B steel, 080A15 has exceptional weldability properties and is highly suitable for case hardening to improve wear resistance.

  • Exceptional weldability
  • Machines well at reasonably high speeds
  • Suitable for general engineering purposes
  • High-quality surface finish

080A15 was previously considered one of the most popular products available; it has now been replaced in particular application areas with steel products offering superior chemical composition.

Chemical Composition (weight, %)
* Properties as per BS 970
080A15 (EN3B) low carbon steel
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Used commonly in the tooling industry, it offers suitability for producing low-stressed components such as shafts, gears and threaded bars.

The product can be machined at moderate speeds and possesses reasonable machinability when cut with adequate lubricant. Due to its low strength, it is appropriate in applications where heavy tresses and heat treatments are not involved, which may cause the material to yield or distort. Free-cutting steel such as EN1A would be a suitable alternative if improved machinability is required.

With minimal surface polishing, this steel grade offers a superior surface finish. Screw cutting is also undemanding when executed with suitable cutting oil.

We stock 080A15 in round, square bars and flat bars. We supply the product in standard lengths or cut to your specific size requirements.

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