Alloy Steels

Our alloy steel range includes an expansive selection of core products and associated engineering materials, including heat-treated steels and tools steels.

Alloy Steels - Core Product Range

Core Products

Our standard stock range includes twelve available alloy steel grades in various forms, such as round, square, hex and flat bars.

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Heat Treated Alloy Steels

Heat Treated

Our heat-treated alloy steel range offers superior toughness, hardness and impressive wear resistance.

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High Carbon Steel

Tool Steels

We stock tools steels, including BO1, D2 and P20, which we cut to size courtesy of our in-house processing services.

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Alloy steels offer enhanced properties when compared to traditional carbon steel. Our materials represent a cost-effective option when compared to higher performing alloys.

Why use Alloy Steels?

Alloy steels differ from standard carbon steels because additional elements are introduced in the production process, which enhances performance. Common alloying elements include manganese, chromium, and nickel. Performance gains include greater hardness, toughness and wear resistance. Essentially, alloy steels provide a broader range of performance options and improved mechanical and physical characteristics.


Alloy steels are one of the most used engineering materials on the planet and provide an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, toughness and durability. The material's versatility ensures consistent use in general engineering, fabrication, and more specialist markets such as automotive, aerospace, and precision engineering.

We stock alloy steels in metric and imperial sizes and various grades and forms to suit your engineering projects.


Broad variety of grades and shapes


In-house processing operations available

Size Selection

Availability in metric and imperial sizes