080M15 Steel (EN32)

080M15 (EN32) is a low tensile strength bright drawn engineering steel, which we offer from stock.

The material is an unalloyed low carbon steel engineering grade, offering a hard outer encasement surface and solid internal core when case hardened. Ideal for general engineering applications and the production of lightly stressed components.

  • Case-hardened engineering steel
  • For lightly stressed components
  • Readily machinable and weldable
  • The equivalent of EN3B, but for case hardening work

080M15 (EN32) is a general engineering steel ideal for producing lightly stressed parts and components. Application examples include spindles and gears, bushes, rollers and cams. We stock 080M15 in round, flat and square bars.

Chemical Composition (weight, %)
* Properties as per BS 970
Min. 0.12 0.10 0.60
Max. 0.18 0.40 1.00 0.05 0.05
080M15 (EN32) low carbon steel
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The material grade should be considered for lightly stressed applications requiring good wear resistance. Alternative engineering steels may offer better suitability when extra strength and resistance are needed.

080M15 is readily machinable and weldable steel from the point of supply. Compared to equivalent mild steel, the product offers finer sectional tolerances due to being a cold-drawn material.

For maximum case toughness and stress relief of this class of steel, tempering is recommended within a tempering range of 150 ‐ 200°C. A core strength of up to 490 N/mm² can be achieved for carburised components.

The material represents a popular choice for case hardening, suitable for surfaces free of debris and low sulphur content. Case hardening is preferably carried out in salt baths to ensure maximum wear resistance.

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