Steel Forms

We stock engineering in various forms to suit your individual requirements, from solid round bars to flat bars and hexagons.

Flat Steel Bars

Flat Steel Bars

We stock flat steel bars in numerous material grades, dimensions and thicknesses.

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Heat Treated Alloy Steels

Hex Steel Bars

Hexagonal steel bars are ideal for producing fasteners, including nuts & bolts.

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High Carbon Steel

Round Steel Bars

We supply round steel solid bars in both metric and imperial sizes.

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High Carbon Steel

Square Steel Bars

Our square steel bars are popular for welding and machining applications.

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Utilising Steel Shapes

Steel is purchased in different forms due to the material's intended application. Buying products in this way may reduce the amount of machining required.

Market Requirements

Different engineering sectors have differing needs. For example, hexagonal bars are highly suitable for the fasteners market since the shape makes it simple to produce nuts and bolts. Flat bars (also known as 'flats') are an excellent product for reinforcing existing structures.


Round solid bars are the most common form of steel, which finds extensive use across industries for creating or supporting structures. The automotive and aerospace sector also use round bars extensively due to the material's high strength-to-weight ratio. Applications such as gears, axles and shafts all use solid round bars.

We stock steel in forms to support your engineering applications.


Broad variety of grades and shapes


In-house processing operations available

Size Selection

Availability in metric and imperial sizes