Carbon Steels

TSM Steel stocks and supplies high-quality engineering raw materials, including carbon steel.

Low Carbon Steel

Low Carbon

Our low-carbon steel stock range offers good ductility and malleability, making the material suitable for precision machining.

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Medium Carbon Steel

Medium Carbon

Our medium-carbon steel stock range perfectly balances high strength with ductility. We offer various grades.

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High Carbon Steel

Alloy Steels

Our ranges contain increased carbon content and additional alloying elements. Products include heat-treated and tool steels.

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About Carbon Steels

We stock an extensive range of carbon steels in various grades to suit your engineering requirements. Our product ranges vary depending on the carbon content and come in three primary categories.

Low Carbon Steels

Our products have a carbon of less than 0.30%. While not as strong as medium carbon and alloy steels, low carbon provides superior ductility and malleability, essential for precision machining.

Medium Carbon steels

Our materials offer the perfect compromise between strength and ductility. As the name suggests, the materials have a higher carbon content (0.30 to 0.60%) and offer increased strength but still give some ductility.

Alloy Steels

Our grades have even greater carbon content and include other trace elements to enhance performance. Alloy steels represent our most extensive stock range and include core products, heat-treated, structural and tool steels.

We support our carbon steel range with in-house processing options where we cut your materials to size. We offer many of our products in metric and imperial sizes.


Broad variety of grades and shapes


In-house processing operations available

Size Selection

Availability in metric and imperial sizes