Steel Supply Chain

We will revolutionise your engineering supply with fully bespoke supply packages, making you more efficient while saving you money.

Bespoke Supply


We provide brief insights into how our customised supply packages work and why you should consider adopting one.

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Custom Supply


A bespoke solution from TSM Steel will significantly and positively impact supply chain efficiency and operating costs.

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Bespoke Supply Example


Discover how a bespoke supply solution works in the real world and how it can positively impact your business.

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Embracing Change

Our bespoke supply packages represent decades of development by our parent company, Smiths Metal Centres Limited. Our industry-leading IT platform drives our packages, supported by high-quality stock and in-house processing.

Material Costs

Everyone looks for a good deal, and purchasing engineering materials is the same. However, reducing the cost of materials by a few pence per kilo is no comparison when considering the money you might be losing due to poor product quality, late delivery or a lack of stock certainty. Any savings at the purchase stage are quickly eroded if your supply partner lets you down. Our robust systems are tailored to your business to ensure you receive a supply path unrivalled in the steel stockholding sector.


How can a business expect to work efficiently when its systems are not fit for purpose? Most enterprises utilise an 'off the shelf' solution which functions but is not designed to fit the workings of your company. We allow you full access to our bespoke system, which we will tailor to suit how your business operates. You will receive 24/7 visibility via our online portal and can directly interface with our software if you choose to.

Our systems and services not only make you more efficient - they save you money too.


Broad variety of grades and shapes


In-house processing operations available

Size Selection

Availability in metric and imperial sizes