605M36 Steel (EN16)

605M36 is a type of high-tensile steel commonly used in applications requiring high strength and toughness.

This steel grade has a relatively low carbon content, which provides good weldability. It is a British Standard alloy steel that contains elements such as chromium, molybdenum, and nickel to enhance its mechanical properties. Alloy equivalents include EN16 and SAE 4135.

  • High tensile strength
  • Good ductility
  • Excellent toughness
  • Readily machinable

Positive characteristics of 605M36 steel include high tensile strength, good ductility, excellent toughness, and resistance to wear and fatigue. It is often used to manufacture components for heavy-duty machineries, such as axles, gears, and shafts.

Chemical Composition (weight, %)
* Properties as per BS 970
C Si Mn Mo P S
Min. 0.32 0.10 1.30 0.22
Max. 0.40 0.40 1.70 0.32 0.035 0.040
605M36 (EN16) alloy steel
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605M36 steel has a high tensile strength, depending on the heat treatment condition and the diameter of the material. In the normalised and tempered condition (i.e., heat-treated to a hardness of around 230 to 280 Brinell and then tempered), this steel grade typically has a tensile strength of 850 to 1000 MPa (megapascals).

In the hardened and tempered condition (i.e. heat-treated to a hardness of around 300 to 350 Brinell and then tempered), the tensile strength can be increased to 1000 to 1200 MPa (145,000 to 174,000 psi).

The alloy is readily machinable in the supply condition thanks to its good ductility. It is an alternative product to other chromium and nickel-chromium high-tensile steel specifications.

We stock 605M36 in round and square bars of various diameters. We supply the product in standard lengths or cut to your specific size requirements.

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