Protecting the Environment

We are committed to environmental protection, and our environmental policy ensures we leave as low a carbon footprint as possible while continuing to operate as a leading steel stockholder and supplier.

We instruct all our employees to rigorously follow this policy along with our suppliers to maximise our recycling strategy through a genuinely collaborative approach. Our approach covers all aspects of environmental protection, including the recycling of raw materials, sourcing environmentally friendly packaging and the ethical disposal of waste. We also effectively manage our power consumption to ensure we leave a lower carbon footprint.

We do not view this policy as a choice - we believe it is mandatory and is the responsibility of all businesses to utilise their resources sensitively and ethically.

All businesses within our Group operate in this way. The policy only differs relating to the way in which the business functions.

Environmental Policy

Steel Recycling

Steel is a 100% recyclable raw material and represents one of the most re-used raw materials worldwide. Recycling the product is straightforward and can be regenerated into various material grades using the correct processing methods and metallurgy.

Robust Framework

We have an established operating framework to support and manage our environmental policy within the business. Like our quality systems, protecting the environment is a consideration in everything we do.

100% Recyclable

Steel is 100% recyclable and reusable. Around 40% of the world's steel production utilises recycled scrap.

Protecting the Planet

We implement and constantly review procedures which reduce our operational impact on the environment.

Broad Scope

We cover all aspects of our working environments, from materials and waste disposal to packaging and transportation costs.

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