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Steel for Precision Engineering

Precision engineering demands excellence in every aspect of the process and raw material supply is no different.

Developing manufacturing and engineering processes to tight tolerances is easier if you purchase raw materials to assist in the process. Many of our steel grades provide excellent dimensional stability, and we also process these materials in-house to the tightest tolerances.

We only purchase from suppliers who share our view in terms of quality and supply, thus ensuring your receive materials to a quality and consistency which is perfect for your engineering requirements. We recognise that material quality is critical to the precision engineering process.

We serve your precision engineering business as a single supply source for all your engineering steel requirements.

Steel for Precision Engineering


Many of our steel grades are free machining which is an ideal solution for accurate, repetitive production using automatic lathes.

Our free-cutting steels form small chips as they are machined, providing high machining rates while extending the life of tooling and machinery. Any increased material costs are offset by quicker machining times.


Our quality management system is fully embedded into our industry-leading bespoke IT platform. You can expect high levels of accuracy in the processing of orders combined with excellent product consistency.

Consistency of product in precision engineering circles is crucial to ensure that the quality of all engineering activities is upheld.


We stock various steel grades which provide excellent dimensional stability which will aid you significantly in your precision engineering processes.

Shared Vision

We work with suppliers who share our vision in terms of the quality of the product and how we sell our engineering materials to our customers.

Rapid Response

We hold a sizeable stock range and offer our customers rapid response times irrespective of whether you require standard lengths or cut material.

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