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Steel for Forging

Forging steel is a highly versatile and practical process that involves heating and shaping metal through compressive force.

Forging processes finds extensive use in manufacturing industries to produce high-quality metal products for various applications. Steel represents a popular material for forging because of its performance properties, including strength and durability. Once heated, the material becomes malleable and, under compressive force, can be shaped, which results in a much stronger robust product.

Carbon steel is a popular choice for forging because of its low cost, high strength, and ease of use. In contrast, alloy steels are utilised when greater strength and durability are required. Forging also eliminates porosity, a particular issue with cast material, resulting in more consistent products.

The benefits of forging steel are numerous and are ideal for producing strong components suitable for high-stress applications.

Forged Steel


Forged steel offers great versatility and finds considerable use in the engineering world. Applications include the manufacture of tools, automotive parts, gears, axles and fasteners.

Supported market sectors include general engineering and fabrication, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, construction and architecture.

Forging Type

Traditional forging involves heating the material before being shaped by repetitive hammering. The process is for less complex forgings.

Press forging is different because, after heating, the material is placed between two dies before being pressed into shape. Different presses may be used, including pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical presses.

Easy to Form

Heating steel makes the material malleable, making the metal easy to compress and manipulate into different shapes.

Heat Treatment

After heating, shaping and trimming, the component typically undergoes heat treatment before finishing.


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