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Automotive Steel

Steel represents the material of choice in standard automobiles and boasts up to 900 kg of the vehicle's overall weight.

The material's popularity stems from the fact that steel is widely available, is strong and relatively cheap compared to other alloys. Our products find typical use in the production of standard motor vehicles, while more exotic alloys are utilised in the manufacture of high-performance machines such as racing and supercars.

Steel is a highly versatile engineering material which offers high tensile and yield strength combined with good machinability and weldability. From intricately machined parts to car and chassis frames, steel remains the 'go-to' engineering material for car production.

While the demands of the automotive market continue to steer towards better performing materials, the continued development of steel alloys for such applications makes the product still as popular today.

Automotive Steel


Our products find use in all areas of the automotive production process, from small automotive parts to frames, panels, drivetrains and gearboxes. The variety of available grades affords a wealth of engineering possibilities.

Product development has also seen the introduction of higher-performing materials.


Steel is relatively cheap compared to other engineering materials while offering the performance characteristics required to produce high-quality products.

Manufacturing processes have also become more sustainable and efficient in recent years, and our products are fully recyclable.

Widespread Use

Steel finds extensive use in the automotive sector, producing structural frames, gearboxes, chassis, drivetrains, panelling and exhaust systems.

Product Evolution

Steel keeps pace with the demands of the automotive sector with continual product development to increase performance.

Broad Scope

We cover all aspects of our working environments, from materials and waste disposal to packaging and transportation costs.

Our steels are used in the most demanding operating markets

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