Customised Steel Supply

Customised steel supply from TSM Steel offers customers a wealth of benefits, including a more streamlined and efficient raw material supply chain.

Adopting a customised supply package affords you benefits to your business which are otherwise unavailable. The beauty of our supply plans stems from the scalability of our solutions - our solutions evolve as you grow.

Any business will benefit from these solutions regardless of size.

Core Benefits:
  • Seamless integration with our bespoke IT platform
  • Ability to see forward orders
  • Instant scalability from consolidated invoicing to total inventory management
  • Up-to-date mill lead times and 'live' stock information
One system cannot serve all:

Most engineering businesses utilise off-the-shelf systems to manage all aspects of their operations, including accounting, purchasing, sales and MRP. While this represents the most cost-effective method, there is undoubtedly a lack of flexibility due to the particular nuances of your business.

Interfacing with our IT platform gives you instant flexibility when managing your raw material supply chain.

Customised Steel Supply
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Bespoke Supply

Effective management of operational through-costs will save you money. As you implement a customised steel supply solution, we will identify and generate more efficiencies as we streamline the process.

We provide accurate forecasting combining demand analysis, algorithms and real-world experience. When you order engineering materials from us, you will have the utmost confidence that we will meet your timelines.

In many cases, we completely remove the headache of raw material supply. We can effectively act as your raw material warehouse, where we manage your stock and delivery on a just-in-time (JIT) basis.

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