Bespoke Supply Solutions

An overview of Bespoke Supply Solutions from TSM Steel - customised material supply solutions to revolutionise your raw material supply chain.

We combine our engineering steel stock range with modern in-house processing and an industry-leading bespoke IT platform to deliver tailored supply solutions which will make you more efficient while saving costs.

Reasons for adopting a supply solutions package:
  • Improves supply chain efficiency
  • Effectively reduces through-costs
  • Provides 24-hour visibility and stock certainty
  • Solutions are scalable to your business

Engineering raw material supply can be a headache for customers. Your business may suffer from a lack of stock certainty, inconsistent product quality, poor traceability or even illegible test certificates. All these problems conspire to delay or even prevent you from performing the operations that matter - serving your own customers.

Our bespoke supply solutions remove the headache of raw material supply, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Bespoke Supply Solutions
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Bespoke Supply

Our bespoke IT platform represents decades of development and has been built for purpose, including a fully embedded quality management system (QMS). Not only do we give you 24/7 online access - we also customise our platform to integrate and talk with your systems. The fully bespoke nature of our solutions is not available via other stockholders.

We offer total traceability with unique bar codes for all stocked products under our care. With a custom supply package, we can include your own part numbers on the stock items you purchase from us for ease of identification.

Many engineering customers focus solely on raw material prices. However, the actual cost of raw material supply is dictated by other factors. Late delivery, lack of stock quality and inconsistent product quality will quickly erode any savings from frugal purchasing.

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