Supply Packages

We have many examples of our customised supply packages functioning in the real world.

As part of the Smiths Metal Centres Ltd group of companies, bespoke supply solutions are already in place in markets such as aerospace, motorsport (including Formula 1) and general engineering steel supply.

Example Supply Solution:
  • Aerospace fabricated parts business
  • Original bonded and non-bonded stores removed
  • Materials delivered directly to lineside and booked in using our unique barcoding system
  • Current annual savings of £1.2 million
Creating efficiencies and savings:

Removal of the customer's stores resulted in our Group business managing the entire stock inventory management by creating a dedicated material store - this removed the customer's need for cutting saws and associated maintenance and consumable costs.

The customer's warehousing facility was utilised for other purposes.

Supply Packages
Stock Enquiries
Bespoke Supply

Interfacing with our systems allowed the customer to view stock availability, test certificates, and incoming purchase orders and place their own orders, all using their own part numbers.

The customer received a monthly consolidated invoice which saved them administrative time. We loaded all test certificates electronically onto our IT platform, which the customer could access directly.

Implementing a tailored supply package which meets the needs of their business not only made company operations more efficient but also saved them money. The savings figure quoted continues to grow.

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Our stock range is fully traceable thanks to our unique barcoding system

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