Case Hardened Steel

Case-hardened steel (often referred to as surface hardened) is a popular material in manufacturing due to its unique properties.

The hardened steel typically has low carbon content and a tough outer layer with a softer core. Our steels are ideal for applications where high wear resistance and durability are essential.

Such material finds typical use in producing gears, bearings, and other mechanical components.

  • Hard outer layer with ductile core
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Greater impact resistance

Producing case-hardened steel involves heating the steel and quenching it in oil or water. The process produces a hard outer layer on the steel while the material core remains relatively soft and ductile. The result is a material with much greater hardness, able to withstand abrasion and impact, making it perfect for high-stress environments.

Nitriding and carburising are also case hardening methods.

Case Hardened Steel
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The process also improves atmospheric corrosion resistance, although not to the extent that the material serves as a viable alternative to more recognised corrosion-resistant alloys. The hardening process determines how much corrosion resistance increases.

We are a stockholder of engineering steels, and our range includes case-hardened steel available for immediate supply. We also provide in-house processing to cut your product to size.

At TSM Steel, we specialise in the supply of high-quality case-hardened steel products. Our expert team offers years of experience in the steel supply sector and is committed to delivering the best possible products to our customers. We source the highest quality materials and utilise state-of-the-art systems to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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