Free Cutting Steel (FCS)

Free-cutting steel is a type of steel specifically designed for machining applications.

Our steels contain additional elements, such as sulphur, phosphorus, or lead, which improves machinability by breaking up the chips into small pieces, reducing tool wear. The material finds typical use in high-speed automatic lathes.

Our free machining products are ideal for producing small, complex components and fasteners.

  • Contain additional elements such as sulphur, phosphorous and lead
  • Improved production speeds
  • Improved chip control
  • Extends tooling life

Improved machinability comes at a cost which includes a reduction in ductility, hardness and strength. The steel is also brittle in comparison. As a result, such steels are unsuitable for high-strength applications or ones demanding wear resistance.

On the positive side, free-cutting steel tends to be supplied in smaller diameter round bars, which are cost-effective in the mass production of parts.

Free Cutting Steel
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Not only does the steel break into much smaller chips which prolongs tool life. The result is a superior surface finish which may prove vital in the intended application.

We stock a broad range of grades and sizes, which include metric and imperial. We also offer in-house processing, where we cut your steel products to your exact size requirements.

We are a steel stockholder based in the Midlands and are part of the Smiths Metal Centres Ltd Group. We have access to a range of services which offer real value, including our Group's UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.

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