Hexagon Steel Bars

Hexagon steel bars (or hexagonal steel) are hex-shaped bars supplied in various diameters for commercial engineering applications.

The product represents a highly versatile product which lends itself well to a broad range of engineering applications. Our bars are suitable for many uses thanks to their form.

  • Large stock range
  • Imperial and metric sizes
  • Ideal for repetitively turned parts
  • Extensively used in the production of bolts, nuts and fasteners
Use in Engineering:

Hexagonal steel bars are ideal for producing bolts and fasteners, and we stock bars in metric and imperial sizes. Stocking material in this way is crucial because we often carry the right size, negating the need for further machining, which saves you money. Hexagon steel is also perfect for use in repetitive turned parts.

For a typical example, check out 230M07 (EN1A) which is a free-cutting, low carbon engineering steel which we supply in hexagonal form.

Hexagon Steel Bar
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About TSM Steel

Steel represents one of the most versatile and high-strength engineering materials available. Our hexagon bar stock comes in various grades to cater for all your engineering requirements. We offer the same high-quality supply route regardless of whether you require large tonnages or one-off lengths - the experience is the same.

Steel hexagonal bars offer various performance characteristics, including strength, durability and workability. We also stock in closer incremental sizes to ensure we have the product and material grade you need.

We supply hexagonal steel products in standard lengths or cut to size, courtesy of our in-house processing services. We serve as a single supply source for all your steel bar requirements.

Call TSM Steel for a competitive quotation on 01922 666 310.

Our stock range is fully traceable thanks to our unique barcoding system

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