UKAS Materials Testing Laboratory

Our Group's UKAS Materials Testing Laboratory provides our customers with various benefits unavailable from a typical stockholder.

Traditionally, customers in the engineering sector buy materials from a stockholder and, where necessary, get the material tested/inspected via a third-party testing house.

Thanks to our Group's UKAS Laboratory, when purchasing from TSM Steel, this is no longer the case.

Consider the Benefits:
  • No need to outsource material testing, inspection or investigations
  • Much faster response times
  • Additional metallurgical support
  • A broad range of testing methods to cover most eventualities
Continual Investment:

Smiths Technical Services is based in Biggleswade. The UKAS-accredited facility has seen considerable investment over the years and is now moving to a dedicated, state-of-the-art facility in 2023.

The new site is a few hundred yards away from their current facility at Smiths bulk warehouse in Biggleswade.

UKAS Materials Testing Laboratory
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UKAS Testing Laboratory

The brand-new facility, which will open during the Summer, will allow the Group's laboratory to expand its range of testing and inspection services to benefit a wider audience. The new laboratory will be purpose-built in the new building.

The laboratory directly links to our quality management system (QMS), which forms the foundation of our industry-leading bespoke IT platform, allowing for a much broader continuity of service.

The Group's UKAS materials testing laboratory also helps educate our employees on how materials are tested and why this is important for our customers.

Call TSM Steel for more information concerning laboratory material testing services on 01922 666 310.

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